Village Council

Village Council

The first form of Local Government in the pre-colonial period of Belize were those practiced by the Mayans. The system practice by the Mayans were integrated with the Spanish governance approach which led to the Alcalde System. The village council system began around 1949 in Gales Point and 1951 in the Corozal district after hurricane Janet; as means of helping with relief and reconstruction. This system was informal with no legal framework. The process to formalize the system started in 1991 and it was not until 1999 that the Village Councils Act came into being.

Roles and Responsibilities

Village Council are charge with the good government and improvement of the village:

Should ensure that all births and deaths are duly registered

It can make recommendations for the appointment of Justice of the Peace and other judicial or administrative officers.

Village Councils are responsible for the:

a. Care and maintenance of the public properties within the village. 

b. Assets and properties of the council

It is also responsible for the enforcement of the Act, by-laws, regulations and other laws made under the Act.