Department of Local Government


The Ministry of Local Government is committed to strengthening local authorities to empower communities to address their development needs through policy development, guidance and support, with a view to reducing social, economic and environmental inequities.


The Ministry of Local Government is an efficient and effective organization that is empowering and capacitating local authorities to enhance their efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, responsibility, autonomy and self-sustenance.


The Ministry of Labour, Local Government & Rural Development is established by the direction given in writing to the Minister by the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister. Through notice published in the Gazette, the Portfolio for Local Government authorizes the Minister to have oversight powers in the following areas:Town and City Councils, Village Council, Alcaldes, Liquor Licensing, Trade Licensing, RECONDEV.

The respective legislations provide the Ministry with the necessary framework to carry out its mandate.Through these mechanisms the Ministry of Local Government provides oversight, guidance, support and capacity building initiatives to these various entities whilst monitoring their strategic and operational activities on a day to day basis.Currently, the Rural Development portfolio has been tasked to manage and oversee all affairs relating to Village Councils and the Alcalde jurisdictions.The Local Government portfolio is headed by a Director who reports to the Chief Executive Officer; the office of the Director is supported by Local Government Officers, a Secretary and the clerical staff of the Ministry.

Roles and Functions
  • To formulate and implement a National Local Government Policy 
  • To facilitate changes in legislation relating to Council Development 
  • To assist with planning proper management sessions of Councils
  • To assist with training of Council and Administrative Staff 
  1. To encourage sound fiscal management of the Councils’ business. 
Roles and Functions
  • To promote adherence to administrative procedure and practices. 
  • To monitor and evaluate progress of work and performance of Councils 
  • To encourage and strengthen coordination among relevant agencies involved in Councils Development
  • Assist and advise in respect of productive employment and job creation 
  • Community awareness – develop and implement a program that will provide rural dwellers with the information and skills needed to carry out the advocacy and negotiation work needed to enhance their development 
  • Develop and implement training programs to equip staff with the skills needed to provide better services to the community

Strategic Objectives
  • To formulate and implement a National Local Government Policy
  • To facilitate changes in legislation relating to Councils’ Development. 
  • To assist with planning and advise for proper management of Councils.
  • To assist with education and training of Councils and Administrative Staff.

Strategic Objectives
  • To encourage sound fiscal management of the Councils’ business.
  • To promote proper administrative procedures and practices.
  • To monitor and evaluate progress of work and performance of City, Town and Village Councils. 
  • To encourage and strengthen coordination among relevant agencies involved in City, Town and Village development.

Belize Mayors’ Association(BMA)

Town and City Councils

  • There are seven (7) towns and two (2) cities that operate at the sub-national level in the government structure of Belize. These towns and cities are headed by an elected Mayor who is regarded as the Accounting Officer of the city or town council. In the case of Belize City there is an exception; the City Administrator is the Accounting Officer. These municipal authorities are governed under the separate pieces of municipal legislations namely the Belize City Council Act, Belmopan City Council Act and the Town Council Act. Elections for town and city governments are held every three years on the first Wednesday in March.

  • The next round of municipal elections is scheduled for March 2021. These elections are conducted in accordance with the Representation of the People’s Act, Revised Edition 2011. While the town and city councils act independently of each other, but in accordance with their respective primary legislation, an advocacy body known as the Belize Mayors’ Association provides collective support on behalf of the town and city governments. The Association is currently headed by the Mayor of Belmopan.

Visit the Town and City Councils Websites below:

Belmopan City Council

Belize City Council

San Ignacio & Santa Elena Town Council

Orange Walk Town Council

Corozal Town Council

Punta Gorda Town Council

Local Government Team

Clifford King

Director Local Government

Celso Carcamo

Local Government Officer

Ashantilee Sutherland

Local Government Officer

Lauren Cayetano

Local Government Officer

Karina Middleton

First Class Clerk

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